Wolf Loom 4 Later Kit

Wolf Loom 4 Later Kit

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Elevate Your Weaving Artistry with the Schacht Wolf Loom "Four Later" Harness Kit

Enhance your weaving capabilities with the Schacht Wolf Loom "Four Later" Harness kit. This versatile kit is designed for both the Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf Looms, transforming them into 8 Harness Looms for more intricate and creative weaving projects.

Kit Compatibility:

Choose the right variant for your loom:

  • Baby Wolf Loom: Perfectly tailored to upgrade your Baby Wolf Loom.
  • Mighty Wolf Loom: Specifically designed for expanding the capabilities of your Mighty Wolf Loom.

Inside the Kit:

  • Four Shaft Frames: Essential for the additional shafts.
  • Jack Assemblies (#3 and #4, two each): Crucial for seamless operation.
  • Installation Hardware: Includes hex nuts and washers for a secure setup.

Simple Installation Process

The kit comes with clear instructions, enabling an easy setup with just a standard Phillips screwdriver and a wrench. Steps include:

  • Updating the rear castle cross brace.
  • Adding new jack assemblies.
  • Integrating new shafts, heddles, and tie-ups.

Expand Your Creative Weaving Potential

With this kit, you can:

  • Distribute or add heddles for a range of patterns.
  • Enhance your loom's operation and weaving smoothness.
  • Explore a wider variety of weaving projects.

Why Choose the "Four Later" Kit:

  • Specially Designed for Your Loom: Tailored for both Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf Looms.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Reflects Schacht Spindle Company's quality standards.
  • Revolution Fibers' Expert Support: Our team is here to assist you at every step.

Upgrade your Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf Loom into a versatile and advanced weaving tool with the Schacht Wolf Looms "Four Later" Harness kit. This kit is more than an upgrade; it's a key to unlocking new realms of weaving creativity and complexity.

Products from Schacht Spindle Company are custom made by skilled craftspeople in Boulder Colorado. Due to high demand, current lead times are 4-6 weeks. (updated November 2023)

A Pioneer in Weaving and Spinning Excellence

Discover the heart and soul of weaving and spinning with the Schacht Spindle Company, an industry pioneer with a rich heritage of over 50 years. As we at Revolution Fibers explore their story, you'll see why we trust and proudly offer Schacht's high-quality, innovative tools. With Schacht, experience a delightful weaving and spinning journey, propelled by tradition, craftsmanship, and a dedicated fiber community.

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