Bridging Tradition & Innovation: The Schacht Spindle Company Journey

About the Schacht Spindle Company

Step into the world of the Schacht Spindle Company, a leading force in the world of spinning and weaving. Founded over 50 years ago in Boulder, Colorado, Schacht has consistently pushed the boundaries of quality and innovation in their craft.

The Schacht Story: Merging Craftsmanship with Innovation

Barry and Dan - Schacht Spindle Company Founders

Schacht Spindle Company,Β founded in 1969 by Barry Schacht and his brother Dan, began as a small venture and has since grown into a globally recognized name in fiber arts, producing high-caliber spinning wheels, looms, and accessories.

Schacht Spinning Wheels: Balancing Aesthetics and Function

Schacht Spinning Wheel Flyer in Motion

Famed for designs like the Matchless and Ladybug, Schacht spinning wheels are celebrated for their perfect balance of beauty and functionality. Crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable spinning experience, Schacht spinning wheels nurture an intimate connection between the spinner and the wheel.

Schacht Looms: Weaving Precision into Every Thread

From their flagship product, the Wolf series, to their durable and versatile rigid heddle looms, Schacht's commitment to superior design, quality, and attention to detail is evident.

Schacht Wolf Loom

Each loom is engineered to enhance the weaving process, making it intuitive, efficient, and gratifying, regardless of your project's complexity.Β  Browse Schacht weaving looms.

Schacht Accessories: Enhancing Your Craft

Beyond looms and spinning wheels, Schacht offers a range of accessories to complement your weaving and spinning journey. From shuttles and bobbin winders to hand carders and swifts, each accessory encapsulates Schacht's passion for creating tools that are as functional and durable as they are beautiful.

Schacht Spindle Company: A Pledge to the Fiber Community

Child using the Schacht Cricket Loom

Opting for Schacht is not just investing in top-notch tools; it's joining a community bound by the love of fiber arts.

With Schacht, experience the delight of weaving and spinning, fueled by innovation, heritage, and a steadfast commitment to the fiber community.

Embrace the artistry of Schacht and join the fiber community. Check out our collection of Schacht looms, spinning wheels, and accessories now.