Schacht Table Loom-Table Loom-Schacht-4 Harness-Revolution Fibers
Schacht Table Loom-Table Loom-Schacht-4 Harness-Revolution Fibers
Schacht Table Loom-Table Loom-Schacht-4 Harness-Revolution Fibers

Schacht Table Loom

  • Table Loom
  • Schacht
 - $1,107.00

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Products from Schacht Spindle Company are custom made by skilled craftspeople in Boulder Colorado. Due to high demand, current lead times are 4-6 weeks. (updated November 2023)

The Perfect Balance of Simplicity and Versatility

The Schacht Table Loom offers you a world of weaving possibilities, whether you're a beginner eager to start your weaving journey or an advanced weaver looking to experiment with complex patterns. Designed with both function and durability in mind, this table loom is built from the finest hard maple to withstand years of weaving.

Why Choose a Schacht Table Loom?

Versatile Weaving: With options for 4 or 8 shafts, this loom allows you to explore an array of weaving patterns, from simple plain weaves to intricate designs.

Exceptional Craftsmanship: Made of the finest hard maple, this loom is built for maximum structural stability, ensuring it stands up to heavy use year after year.

Precision Tension Control: Our fine-toothed nylon gears on both the warp and cloth beams allow for precise tension adjustments, essential for quality weaving.

User-Friendly Design: Front-mounted levers make it easy to select shafts, offering a clear view of which shafts are raised, facilitating the weaving process for both adults and children.

Key Features:

  • Weaving Width: 15″
  • Loom Width: 20″
  • Height Castle: 20″
  • Depth: 23″ (4-Shaft), 26″ (8-Shaft)
  • Weight: 18lb (4-Shaft), 24lb (8-Shaft)
  • Heddles: 300 for both 4-Shaft and 8-Shaft

Additional Equipment:

  • Stainless Steel Reed: Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dents.
  • Inserted Eye Heddles
  • Three Apron Bars
  • Two Lease Sticks

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Table Stand: For a more ergonomic weaving experience. Purchase here
  • Additional Stainless Steel Reeds: For even more weaving possibilities! Purchase here

Warping Options:

Use a warping board for shorter warps or warping pegs for longer lengths. Both are easy to transport, making them perfect for workshops or on-the-go weaving.

What's Included:

  • Schacht Table Loom with your choice of 4 or 8 shafts
  • Stainless steel reed
  • Inserted eye heddles
  • Three apron bars
  • Two lease sticks
  • Comprehensive assembly manual

The Schacht Difference:

The Schacht Table Loom is your gateway to endless weaving possibilities. Its ease of use makes it perfect for educational settings, while its robust build and design features make it a reliable choice for serious weavers.

A Pioneer in Weaving and Spinning Excellence

Discover the heart and soul of weaving and spinning with the Schacht Spindle Company, an industry pioneer with a rich heritage of over 50 years. As we at Revolution Fibers explore their story, you'll see why we trust and proudly offer Schacht's high-quality, innovative tools. With Schacht, experience a delightful weaving and spinning journey, propelled by tradition, craftsmanship, and a dedicated fiber community.

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