Schacht Arras Beam Kit
Schacht Arras Beam Kit

Schacht Arras Beam Kit

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Products from Schacht Spindle Company are custom made by skilled craftspeople in Boulder Colorado. Due to high demand, current lead times are 4-6 weeks. (updated November 2023)

Unlock the potential of longer warps with the Arras Beam Kit for your Tapestry Loom. This kit is not just an addition; it's an enhancement, featuring a robust base coupled with ratcheted warp and cloth beams. Experience unparalleled tensioning control, ensuring your weaves are always at their best.

Compatible with all Schacht Arras Tapestry looms.

Ease of assembly is a highlight; all you need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a few minutes. Post-installation, ensure you have a raddle no wider than 20" for warping. Pair it with Schacht's specialized raddle designed for warps up to 20" wide, and you've got a match made in weaving heaven.

A Pioneer in Weaving and Spinning Excellence

Discover the heart and soul of weaving and spinning with the Schacht Spindle Company, an industry pioneer with a rich heritage of over 50 years. As we at Revolution Fibers explore their story, you'll see why we trust and proudly offer Schacht's high-quality, innovative tools. With Schacht, experience a delightful weaving and spinning journey, propelled by tradition, craftsmanship, and a dedicated fiber community.

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