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Majacraft Fusion Engine Drums

Original price $385.00 - Original price $430.00
Original price
$385.00 - $430.00
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Style: 72 TPI

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Interchangeable carding drums for your Majacraft Fusion Engine carder.

The Fusion Engine drums use a unique new design that offers several benefits, the most obvious being the prominent edges that keep the fibre on the drum, so there is no clogging or tangling of material around the axles. The special shaping of the edging actually helps to draw the fibers onto the drum, almost to the point of appearing as though it is 'sucking' the fiber in. This in turn significantly reduces the maintenance and cleaning required.

Delivery time

Majacraft Spinning Wheels & Tools are made-to-order in New Zealand. We'll ship your tools and accessories within 2-6 weeks. 8 weeks is the current timeline for spinning wheels. (updated aug. 2022)

These drums are interchangeable and all fit into the Fusion Enginer Drum Carder.

Available Options:

  • 72 dpi
  • 96 dpi
  • 128 dpi

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    About Majacraft

    Majacraft is a small, family owned company based near Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand. It has been operated by the Poad family for more than 20 years.

    Majacraft's eye-catching equipment is recognizable by its quality, style, and features that set it apart from other brands, including stunning New Zealand Rimu wood, innovative designs such as the double treadle system which ensures smooth and effortless pedaling, and their lightweight hand balanced flyers.