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Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder
Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder

Majacraft Fusion Engine Drum Carder | 72, 96 & 128 TPIs

  • Drum Carder
  • Majacraft
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Majacraft products, meticulously crafted in New Zealand, are tailored to your order. Expect your tools and accessories to ship within 2-6 weeks, while spinning wheels take 6-8 weeks for preparation and dispatch. The Luna Wheel, due to its distinctive craftsmanship, has a longer lead time of 12-16 weeks. We value your patience and are excited for you to experience Majacraft's exceptional quality. (Updated March 2024)

This is the Fusion Engine, Majacraft's amazing drum carder. Majacraft designed this machine to perform exceptionally, and to reduce or eliminate the common carding issues experienced with other drum carders. The Fusion Engine has a higher and more efficient carding ratio than most carders, so blends fibers more thoroughly with fewer passes. With no exposed gears or belts, and the unique drum design, fibers do not get where they shouldn't and cleaning the carder is minimized. Removal of the interchangeable drums makes that rare cleaning simple and easy.

The Fusion Engine drums use a unique new design that offers several benefits, the most obvious being the prominent edges that keep the fiber on the drum, so there is no clogging or tangling of material around the axles. The special shaping of the edging actually helps to draw the fibers onto the drum, almost to the point of appearing as though it is ‘sucking’ the fiber in. This in turn significantly reduces the maintenance and cleaning required.

A major feature of the Fusion Engine is the ability to change drums. There is no need to purchase multiple carders to work with different kinds of fibers as we offer drums with different carding cloth densities. Your carding becomes considerably cheaper and your single machine far more versatile. There are just three grub screws holding the main drum in place, and it is possible to swap the interchangeable drums in a couple of minutes!

The fusion engine has a gearbox – with real gears! This was chosen as it could offer multiple benefits. It makes the mechanism for converting the ratios between the main drum and licker-in much more compact, small enough to be embedded into the side of the carder. This consequently will keep your carder cleaner as the gears are hidden away and will not get clogged with fibere and other debris.

The feed tray position is different to most other carders. Experiments demonstrated that the more time the fiber spent on the licker-in, the more effectively the carding process worked. This is why the feed tray is positioned so high relative to the licker-in drum. Underneath the tray is an easy-grip wooden nut that lets you position the feed tray close or far from the licker-in. The ability to adjust the tray lets you card anything from washed fleece to combed tops.

The Fusion Engine has a folding handle that allows the carder to fit into a more compact space but more importantly, no more whacking your hips into the handle as you walk past the table! The handle length is short enough that you can card in the centre of the table as well, it does not have to overhang the edge.

Majacraft designed the Fusion Engine so that it can be used in left or right handed configuration. The axle on the main drum has been specially drilled to allow it to be inserted on either side of the carder. By unscrewing three grub screws you can slip the handle and axle and then then put it in from the other side.

Included is an integrated packer brush so that more fiber can be packed on to your drums. This design differs in that the brush is positioned near the back of the main drum so as much of the drum is exposed as possible. This makes it easier to remove the batt after carding. It also leaves a clearer space to work if you wish to lay fibre elements directly on to the main drum or diz from the drum.


  • Picker Tool
  • Two bench clamps
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Allen T wrench - 3mm
  • Allen T wrench - 4mm


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.75" x 13.4" x 10.6" (45cm x 34cm x 27cm)
  • Weight: 18.2 lbs. (8.25kg)
  • Main Drum Diameter: 7.36" (18.7cm)
  • Cloth Width: 8.2" (21cm)
  • Cloth Pitch:
  • 72 tpi
  • 96 tpi
  • 128 tpi
  • Batt size (approximate): 8.2″ x 22.4″ (21cm x 57cm)

Optional Accessories:

  • Fusion Engine Drums
  • Fusion Engine Drum Bag


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