Louet S10 Double Treadle Irish Tension 3 Spoke Spinning Wheel

Louet S10 Double Treadle Irish Tension 3 Spoke Spinning Wheel

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This version of the S10 Concept is the same traditional DT S10 but with a three spoke main wheel. 

The first generation Louet spinning wheels, like the S10 and S17, all have a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension. This results in spinning wheels that are very easy to learn how to spin on, and also very suitable to spin thicker yarns. Sturdily constructed of lacquered solid beech and laminated birch, it is also suitable for production spinners.

The single hole in the wheel leads to a balanced flywheel, which ensures, that the wheel always stops in the place where you stop. The bobbins have a sheave with three settings that can be used to obtain three spinning speeds or ratios. By using different types of bobbins and flyers, Louet spinning wheels can be used to produce every kind of yarn, from coarse wool to fine silks.

A High Speed Set is also available for this wheel for easier spinning of very fine yarns. Finally, an excellent spinning wheel must turn freely and quietly. Accordingly we use maintenance-free ball bearings in the main hub and at the footman connection. (No lubrication is required).

The single treadle S10 comes with a clear lacquer finish and is made of European beech and birch plywood.

    Specifications :

    • Double Treadle
    • Main wheel: 50cm (19.75")
    • Ratios: 1: 5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5
    • Orifice: 12mm (0.5"),
    • Height:70cm (27 5/8")
    • Weight: 6kg (11 lbs.)
    • Irish Tension
    • 3-Bobbins
    • Lazy Kate
    • Flyer with Fixed Hooks

    Irish tension flyers and bobbins:

    • Flyer IrT regular - hooks, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)
    • Flyer IrT regular - sliding guides, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)
    • Flyer IrT high speed - sliding guides, orifice: Ø10 mm (6/16″)
    • Flyer IrT bulky - hooks, orifice: Ø13 mm (1/2″)
    • Flyer IrT art yarn - orifice: Ø20 mm (3/4″)
    • Bobbin IrT regular - ratios: 1:5.5 / 1:7.5 / 1:10.5, volume: 670 cm3 (42.4 cubic inch)
    • Bobbin IrT high speed - ratios: 1:6.5 / 1:9.5 / 1:15, volume: 580 cm3 (35.1 cubic inch)
    • Bobbin high speed fat core - ratios: 1:6.5 / 1:9.5 1:15, volume: 385 cm3 (23 cubic inch)
    • Bobbin IrT bulky/art yarn - ratios: 1:4 / 1:5 / 1:6, volume: 1240 cm3 (75.4 cubic inch)


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