Louet Standard Irish Tension Bobbin

Louet Standard Irish Tension Bobbin

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This 3 speed bobbin is clear lacquered to match the finish of the S10, S10DT and S51, S51DT wheels but will fit the S17, S15 and S75 as well. The bobbin has a sheave with three settings on one end to obtain three different spinning speeds. The ratio's for these wheels are controlled by the bobbin and are: 5.5:1 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 7.5:1 for medium yarn; and, 10.5:1 for fast spinning and fine yarn.

Bobbins will hold approximately 180-250g of yarn - a very large capacity.

  • 1:5.5
  • 1:7.5
  • 1:10.5

Compatible Wheel Models
  • S10
  • S10DT
  • S51
  • S51DT
  • S15
  • S17
  • S75DT

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