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Schacht Cricket Quartet - 4 Shaft Loom Conversion Kit

by Schacht
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Take your weaving to a whole new level with the Cricket Quartet!

The Cricket Quartet reimagines Schacht's most popular rigid heddle loom, the 15″ Cricket transforming it into a 4-shaft loom with a 13-1/2″ weaving width. The Quartet is engineered with thoughtful features that help you weave more complex patterns.

Closely spaced levers move with smooth action to raise and lower shafts. You’ll achieve clean sheds with help from the extended back beam. The pivot beater maximizes weaving space.   

Like all Schacht products, the Cricket Quartet is manufactured in the USA.

Delivery time

Products from Schacht Spindle Company are custom made, by skilled craftspeople in Boulder Colorado. Due to high demand current lead times are about 4-6 weeks. (updated Feb. 2023)

Twill, waffle weave, bird’s eye, summer and winter, doubleweave—if you’ve ever looked at pattern books or weaving projects in magazines, you’ve seen these weave structures. They’re easy to weave on the Schacht's new Cricket Quartet because your loom does most of the work. Each shaft moves independently. Once you thread heddles on the 4 shafts, those warp threads will also move independently.

To weave, you simply flip the Quartet’s levers up and down according to the pattern draft: some shafts go up and others stay down.  Then you pass the shuttle through the shed and beat, just like rigid heddle weaving.  Warping the Cricket Quartet allows you to learn new skills or add to existing ones.  You’ll warp the loom indirectly from a simple-to-read pattern draft.  Schacht's intelligent design of the Cricket Quartet provides the warping space you need in a compact package.

The Cricket with installed Quartet will easily fit in your car for workshops and classes. Your enhanced Cricket will still fit  on the 15″ Cricket Stand.

Want to switch between rigid heddle and shaft weaving?  You can easily install and remove the Cricket Quartet depending on the project you want to weave - the best of both worlds.

  • Quartet Details
  • Specifications

    • Includes 300 Texsolv heddles (5-7/8″ red) and your choice of 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dent reed
    • Made of high-quality maple plywood and solid hard maple; left unfinished to match your Cricket loom
    • Ships flat-packed, with assembly required
    • 15″ Cricket Loom and optional 15″ Cricket Stand sold separately
    • You will need a warping system (a warping peg set or warping board) for measuring warp chains—try our Warping Pegs or Warping Board (available in 4-1/2 yard and 14 yard sizes)
    • Recommended accessories: 11″ slim boat shuttle, plastic bobbins, bobbin winder, 15″ Cricket Stand, 15″ Cricket Trap

    • Weaving width 13-1/2″
    • Assembled Quartet, 18-1/4″ wide x 22″ deep x 10″ high
    • Cricket + Cricket Quartet, 18-1/4″ wide x 22″ deep x 16″ high
    • 15″ Cricket without Quartet, 18-1/4″ wide x 18-1/4″ deep x 6″ high without rigid heddle.

Schacht Spindle Co. Factory Tour

Schacht Spindle has been making spinning wheels and weaving looms in Boulder, Colorado since 1969. Watch a brief tour and meet some of the talented team working to get your new Spinning Wheel or Loom, on its way to you.