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Synchrony DK Weight Yarn | 210 Yards | 60% Cotton 40% Wool

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Color: Soiree - ST201R

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Bold, bright, springy and soft – this yarn line is one of Brown Sheep’s new additions has taken the yarnie community by storm. You will love the cottony feel of Synchrony combined with the bounce and texture of a hint of wool. This yarn is a truly unique blend of fibers, made with 60% cotton and 40% wool. Look closely and you’ll notice that the wool and cotton fibers reflect the dye color differently, giving the yarn a marbled appearance. This adds stitch definition to any project. The multi-colored hand painted hues are whimsical and bold, and are accompanied by a palette of lively solids. Crafters are loving Synchrony yarn for rigid heddle weaving, knitted and crocheted accessories, and especially projects for kids. Similar to our popular Cotton Fleece yarn, Synchrony is soft enough to be worn next to the skin even for those sensitive to the feel of wool.  Discover just how well wool and cotton ‘sync’ together in this special yarn blend.

Delivery time

Products from Brown Sheep Yarn usually ship the next business day or sooner. Typical transit time is 3-4 days.

Yarn Specifications:

Weight: DK / 3

Needle Size: 7 US

Hook Size: G

Gauge:  5 Stitches per Inch

Length: 210 Yards

Weight: 4 oz.

Fiber Content: 60% Cotton 40% Wool

Care Instructions: Hand Wash | Lay Flat to Dry.

Brown Sheep Yarns are permanently moth proofed using a non-insecticide; from their FAQ: 

"We use a non-insecticide chemical called Ecolan CEA to moth-proof our wool. It is added to the dye bath at the same time as the dyes and is “permanent” in the sense that it will not wash, rub, or dry clean off the wool. The treatment works as an insect resist agent by making the wool protein unpalatable to the wool moth larvae."