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FREE Shipping on all orders $75 or more.

SpinOlution Modular Flyer Heads + 1 Bobbin

Original price $495.00 - Original price $969.00
Original price
$495.00 - $969.00
Current price $669.00
Style: 4A
Wheel Type: Echo

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SpinOlution's Modular Flyer Heads allow you to design how and what you want to spin. They are also interchangeable between different wheel bases, allowing you to have one head you can use on a "Home" base (Monarch & Echo models), then pop it on to your "On-the-Go" base (Firefly & Hopper models) with ease to take it along with you.

These Flyer Heads all include 1 Bobbin and they are masterfully balanced to spin with ease. They're well worth the price as they are interchangable between any SpinOlution wheels and will last for decades!

All SpinOlution products are built to order and then shipped directly to you. Standard delivery time is within 2 weeks.  If you have any questions or request a more specific shipping timeline, please contact us at sales@revolutionfibers.come or call us at (208) 471-8114.