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SpinOlution Bee Spinning Wheels

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$1,004.00 - $1,212.00
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Style: Queen Bee

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Smooth & quiet, with ergonomic treadling, these busy Bees are designed with the most efficient whorl on the market to save energy and time while spinning!

This versatile taveling wheel folds down to fit into a carry on and has a Magnetic Hook Orifice and Bobbins, making set-up and take down easy and speedy. This wheel is available in three flyer sizes, 4, 8 & 16oz (Queen, King & Worker Bees). 

All SpinOlution products are built to order and then shipped directly to you. Standard delivery time is within 2 weeks.

SpinOlution's Bee models fit easily into most standard-size carry-ons due to it's fold-ability, making this wheel the perfect traveller. SpinOlution Bee Spinning Wheels come standard with the Golden Whorl, the most efficient whorl on the market promising a 30% energy savings while treadling. The open hook orifice allows you to spin bulky, ply creative, or add embellishments. A tube orifice accessory is also available to add to any flyer head if you prefer spinning with a closed orifice.

Choose from your Worker, Queen, or King Bee and you'll be spinning in no time!


Bee Wheel (Queen, King or Worker)
Flyer (4, 8, or 16oz depending on wheel model)
Three Bobbins (4, 8, or 16oz, depending on wheel model)
Built-in Lazy Kate
Drive Band


Spin Fine to Bulky
Open Hook Orifice
Magnetic Bobbins
Easy Uptake Tension Knob
Easy Drive Band Change
Quiet Operation
Ergonomic Design
Small Footprint
Stationary Floor Grips
Heavy Duty Construction
Warp Resistant Wood
Made in the USA

Wheel Details:

Flyer Guides: Pegs
Included Flyer:
Queen Bee: 4oz
King Bee: 8oz
Worker Bee: 16oz
Attached Kate: Yes
Weight: 14+ pounds
Open Dimensions:
Height: 30"
Width: 19"
Depth: 13"
Folded Dimensions:
Height: 12"
Width: 19"
Depth: 9"
Wood: Baltic Birch
Finish: Lacquered

Queen Bee Ratio Guide - CLICK HERE

King Bee Ratio Guide - CLICK HERE

Worker Bee Ratio Guide - CLICK HERE

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 Warning: The lacquer finish Spinolution uses on their wheels contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. California law requires this warning to be given to all customers in the State of California.