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Mixed Merino Wool Variety Pack | Beautiful Brights (Multicolored) 250 Grams, 23 Micron

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  • DYED MERINO WOOL ROVING - Super Soft Assortment of Purple, Pink, Green & Brown Spinning Wool Roving Top, Perfect for Needle Felting & Wet Felting, Spinning on Drop Spindle or Spinning Wheel, Weaving & Tapestry
  • WOOL CHARACTERISTICS - Breed: Merino , Staple Length: 3-3.5 inches (roughly 80 mm), Micron Average: 23
  • EASY TO USE - This Premium Merino Wool Roving Top spins up like a dream and is easily felted from a variety of crafting projects: Variety pack color list in the product description below.
  • HIGH QUALITY & SUPER SOFT - Our dyed mixed merino wool roving is soft and luxurious to the touch, helping to enhance any project into a beautiful and professional finished product. It’s gentle to the touch and perfect for next to skin projects. Popular uses include spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, wet felting and needle felting.
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED & CUSTOMER FAVORITE - From regulated farms and processed with cruelty-free, environmentally safe practices this premium wool roving is sure to put a smile on your face and give your project the colorful pop it deserves!
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    Premium Dyed Merino Wool Roving Top

    This premium grade, fine and soft merino wool is a pleasure to spin, felt, knit, crochet and weave.

    Durable with significant loft and distinctive crimp our undyed natural merino wool is soft and luxurious to the touch, helping to enhance any project into a beautiful and professional finished product. Perfect for next to skin projects because of its natural moisture wicking properties it takes moisture away from the body while still holding in warmth.

    This dyed roving top is the preferred choice for beginner and advanced crafters alike. In spite of its fine texture merino wool handles very well on spinning wheels and drop spindles alike.

    Make your own spinning, weaving, needle felting, wet felting or tapestry art while enjoying the feel of our soft merino wool top.

    • Details
    • Included Colors
    • Suggested Uses
    • Key Characteristics

      • Staple length 3 – 3.5 inches(roughly 80 mm)
      • Micron count 23
      • Apprx 1 meter per 25 grams
      • Cruelty free, environmentally safe processing
      • Gentle to the touch and perfect for next to skin projects
      • Core Wool Yarn for Needle Felting
    • Colors (25 grams / apprx 1 oz of each)

      • Clementine
      • Scarlet
      • Jonquil
      • Lawn
      • Spearmint
      • Mediterranean
      • Hyacinth
      • Amethyst
      • Flo Pink
      • Fuchsia
    • Popular Project Uses

      • Hand-spinning with a spinning wheel or drop spindle for your next knitting or crocheting project
      • Knitting or crocheting scarfs, hats, shawls and next to skin clothing such as women’s tops and sweaters
      • Great for weaving and tapestry art projects
      • Perfect for felting projects and wet needle felting