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Premium 3.5 Inch Rosewood Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set w/ Leather Case (29 Piece Set)

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It's time to learn how to knit like a pro with the the Revolution Fibers Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set! With our high-quality, high function needles and high-quality leather storage case, you'll always have the right sized needle handy and organized.

A circular needle is the best type of needle for knitting in the round for items like socks and hats, but are excellent for sweaters and scarves as well.  They are extremely versatile and a complete set like the Revolution Fibers Rosewood Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set is the perfect gift for every knitter.

When you buy either The Revolution Fibers 3.5", or 5" Interchangeable Circular Needle Set, you’re getting 10 beautifully grained, hand polished interchangeable tip sets containing needles size US #4 to US #13, plus 4 connecting cords ranging from 15.75” to 31” for larger items and 4 carved rosewood end caps.

Our Rosewood Circular Interchangeables have a bunch of features that make them even better than fixed circulars. The tips will never come unexpectedly loose, thanks to the secure brass fittings and the integrated swivel lets the cable can turn 360 degrees which means it won't get twisted while knitting.

Beautifully grained and hand polished wood - this set comes with a tightener, carved rosewood end caps, and four cords.

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