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Mulberry Silk Yarn | Natural Undyed Silk | Lace Weight 60/2/3 NM
Mulberry Silk Yarn | Natural Undyed Silk | Lace Weight 60/2/3 NM
Mulberry Silk Yarn | Natural Undyed Silk | Lace Weight 60/2/3 NM
Mulberry Silk Yarn | Natural Undyed Silk | Lace Weight 60/2/3 NM
Mulberry Silk Yarn | Natural Undyed Silk | Lace Weight 60/2/3 NM
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Mulberry Silk Yarn | Lace Weight 6 Ply

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This is the perfect undyed lace weight silk yarn for knitting, crocheting, dyeing, weaving and embroidery. You're going to love making your projects even more luxurious with this stunning Mulberry Silk Yarn.

1,200 Yards per skein, this 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Yarn is soft and silky, with a beautiful sheen, it's perfect for weaving projects, as well as hand knitting and crocheting.

Our Mulberry Silk yarn is well carded, combed and cleaned silk fibers. 2 Ply twisted together and then 3 of these 2 ply yarns are twisted together to form the yarn making it durable and yet incredibly soft and comfy for any next to skin project.
This silk yarn is great for weaving in addition to machine knitting and crochet.

The beautiful natural cream color is well suited for baby items & clothes, delicate shawls, sleeveless items and lacey scarves and for the bold, you'll find that it's great for dyeing up in your favorite colors; this pure mulberry silk absorbs and hold dyes quickly and easily.

Mulberry Silk Yarn Details

  • Yarn Type: 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Yarn Weight: Lace Weight
  • Put Up: Twisted Hank 
  • Yarn Length: Approximately 1,200 yards per 100 grams
  • Skein Weight: Approximately 100 grams
  • Production / Ply: 60/2/3 NM - 6 Ply
  • Recommended Needle / Hook Size: US 1- 3, 2.25 mm - 3.25mm | Hooks B - D
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with very gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry in shade and store in well ventilated area.

Read more about our Mulberry Silk Yarn

A sustainable luxury; Mulberry silk is without question the most luxurious silk available for purchase. Mulberry trees are native to China, Korea, Japan and northern India, the name “Mulberry” Silk comes from their role in its unique production process. Local farmers plant Mulberry trees and harvest the leaves for Bombyx mori silkworms to feed on. The slightly creamy off-white cocoons that these silkworms spin is transformed into a strong, yet silky textile known as Mulberry silk. One single cocoon can contain over a mile of silk!

Legend has it that the discovery of silk can be credited to an ancient Chinese empress, Si-Ling-Chi in the year 2640 B.C.E. While drinking a cup of hot tea under a tree, a silk cocoon fell from the Mulberry tree above landing in her warm tea. As she plucked it from her cup, the cocoon unraveled forming a long and beautiful string; what we know of today - as silk.

While silk became an enormous source of wealth and trade, the Royal Family never revealed the source or technique, the Mulberry Silk production process remained a highly guarded secret in China for the next 2500 years.

Our beautiful Mulberry Silk is grown, processed and spun by women in India. These Indian co-ops offer underprivileged women a chance to earn an income for themselves and their families and we’re proud to offer their remarkable products to you.

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