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Revolution Fibers Undyed Mulberry Silk Lace Weight 1 lb Cone
Revolution Fibers Undyed Mulberry Silk Lace Weight 1 lb Cone
Revolution Fibers Undyed Mulberry Silk Lace Weight 1 lb Cone
Revolution Fibers Undyed Mulberry Silk Lace Weight 1 lb Cone
Revolution Fibers Undyed Mulberry Silk Lace Weight 1 lb Cone

Mulberry Silk Yarn | Lace Weight 6-Ply | 6,000 Yards - 1lb Cone

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Unveil the Ultimate Crafting Luxury with Mulberry Silk!

Step into a world of elegance and creativity with our newest addition – the 1 lb (500-gram) cone of undyed lace weight Mulberry Silk Yarn. Designed for those who revel in larger projects or enjoy having an abundant supply of their favorite yarn, this cone delivers unmatched luxury and exceptional quality.

Our Mulberry Silk Yarn is a dream come true for knitters, crocheters, dyers, weavers, and embroidery enthusiasts. Now available in a generous 500-gram cone, this exquisite yarn provides even more of the luxurious softness and stunning sheen that you've come to love. It's ideal for creating larger pieces or for those who prefer to have a substantial amount of yarn on hand.

With 6,000 yards per cone, this 100% pure Mulberry Silk Yarn offers the same exceptional quality you've experienced in our smaller skeins. It's soft, silky, and boasts a beautiful sheen that makes every project a work of art. Perfect for weaving projects, hand knitting, and crocheting, our Mulberry Silk Yarn is versatile and durable, making it a staple in your crafting collection and beautifully suited for garments such as shawls and lace scarves.

Mulberry Silk Yarn Details

  • Yarn Type: 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Yarn Weight: Lace Weight
  • Put Up: Cone
  • Yarn Length: Approximately 6,000 yards per 500 grams
  • Cone Weight: Approximately 1.1 lb (500 Grams)
  • Production / Ply: 60/2/3 NM - 6 Ply
  • Recommended Needle / Hook Size: US 1-3, 2.25 mm - 3.25mm | Hooks B-D
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with very gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry in shade and store in well-ventilated area.

Read more about our Mulberry Silk Yarn

Mulberry silk is a sustainable luxury, known as the most exquisite silk available. Produced from the leaves of Mulberry trees native to China, Korea, Japan, and northern India, this silk is strong, silky, and slightly creamy in color. The production process, which has been a highly guarded secret for centuries, involves the meticulous care and feeding of Bombyx mori silkworms, resulting in cocoons that are transformed into our beautiful Mulberry Silk Yarn.

Our Mulberry Silk Yarn is grown, processed, and spun by women in India, offering them a vital source of income and empowering their communities. Each purchase supports these talented artisans and brings their remarkable craftsmanship to your projects.

Join the Revolution Fibers community and elevate your crafting with the luxurious feel and exceptional quality of our Mulberry Silk Yarn. Perfect for baby items, delicate shawls, lacy scarves, and much more, this yarn absorbs dyes beautifully, allowing you to create vibrant, personalized pieces.

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