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Revolution Fibers - Majacraft Pioneer X Creative Spinning Wheel
Revolution Fibers - Majacraft Pioneer X Creative Spinning Wheel
Revolution Fibers - Majacraft Pioneer X Creative Spinning Wheel 3
Revolution Fibers - Majacraft Pioneer X Creative Spinning Wheel 4

Majacraft Pioneer X Creative Spinning Wheel

  • Spinning Wheel
  • Majacraft
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Majacraft products, meticulously crafted in New Zealand, are tailored to your order. Expect your tools and accessories to ship within 2-6 weeks, while spinning wheels take 6-8 weeks for preparation and dispatch. The Luna Wheel, due to its distinctive craftsmanship, has a longer lead time of 12-16 weeks. We value your patience and are excited for you to experience Majacraft's exceptional quality. (Updated March 2024)

The Pioneer X Creative is an entry level wheel with double treadles and Scotch tension. This Majacraft wheel is entirely constructed using solid American Ash just like the Pioneer X, but this wood has been sanded and left unfinished (has not been sprayed). 

This unfinished version is to provide our amazingly creative spinners the opportunity to unleash their own unique style on the wheel. Whether you wish to spray it, oil it, or even paint your own beautiful designs on the wheel - with this wheel the choice is now yours!

The effortless double treadle spinning allows you to spin for long periods of time with no discomfort. The pedal position has been ergonomically designed to fit you comfortably. If you want to start spinning with Majacraft while releasing your own creativity on it, then the Pioneer X Creative is a great wheel for you! This wheel comes with all the same accessories as the Pioneer X.


  • American Ash Construction
  • Foldable Carry Handle
  • Redesigned Base and Pedals
  • Tension Knob Polymer Bearing
  • Double heel and toe treadling
  • 3 - Plastic Bobbins
  • Frictionless ball bearings
  • Single hook flyer
  • Maintenance free drive band
  • Super smooth patented bobbins
  • Lightweight
  • No threading hook required
  • Right or left handed
  • Five ratios available on each pulley

        Optional Accessories:

        • Plastic Bobbin
        • Aura Hybrid Flyer Kit
        • Baby Bobbin Flyer Kit
        • Wild Flyer Kit
        • Lace Flyer Kit
        • Plying Flyer Kit
        • Delta Flyer
        • Fine Fiber Flyer
        • Stylus Kit
        • Drive Band

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