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Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel

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It's novel, it's small, it's very portable. The Majacraft Little Gem 2 breaks some new ground in spinning wheels and comes packed in its own thermal carry bag. What's special about it It follows the concept of the accelerated wheel. Instead of being driven by rods connected to the treadles, the wheel is belt driven from a small crank between the treadles.

Delivery time

Majacraft Spinning Wheels & Tools are made-to-order in New Zealand. We'll ship your tools and accessories within 2-6 weeks. 8 weeks is the current timeline for spinning wheels. (updated aug. 2022)

At any given speed, the Gem wheel rotates at around one and a half times faster than a normal wheel. The treadles operate on a unique rolling action over the crank, entirely different from the up and down action of conventional treadles. The head portion is separate from the main stem and is able to be raised and turned to suit the spinner. This is a major development in design where the spinner can feed the fiber straight into the orifice rather than moving the hands or body to suit the direction of the wheel.


  • Double Treadle
  • Scotch Tension
  • Three (3) bobbins
  • Travelling Lazy Kate
  • Quick change flyer
  • Ratios
    • 4.5:1
    • 6:1
    • 8.5:1
    • 10.5:1
    • 12.75:1
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Wheel diameter: 8.25"
  • Adjustable Orifice Height: 26" - 28"
  • Sealed bearings (no oiling required)
  • Sliding flyer hook
  • Custom Designed Shoulder Bag
  • NZ Rimu Wood Construction - Lacquer Finish
  • Laminated bamboo drive while that has plenty of inertia and looks great
  • Spins like a full-sized wheel with an easy rolling treadle action
  • compatible bobbins and flyers with Majacraft wheels and accessories

Design Updates - January 2020

The Tension knob position has moved down slightly so that large flyers will fit with the standard tension knob, there is no need to order a new tension knob for those wanting to use Jumbo bobbins and larger flyer.

The stem lock bolt has moved to the front of the stem and changed shape, so it is easier to turn and give the front a more 'flowing' aesthetic.

The slider knob (for locking the stem upright) is now stainless steel and has a larger thread, making it stronger.

A new pedal shape, which is more in line with other Majacraft Spinning Wheels.
The geometry of pedals and crank has changed slightly.

The metal badge has been replaced with laser engraved “Majacraft”.
A new adjustable metal bracket for the stem stop to increase the overall rigidity of the wheel.

Larger drive wheel bearings and a larger and stronger drive wheel axle.

Optional Accessories:

  • Majacraft Little Gem Carry Bag
  • Majacraft Travelling Lazy Kate
  • Majacraft Overdrive Tensioned Lazy Kate
  • Majacraft Aura Hybrid Flyer Kit - Little Gem
  • Majacraft Wild Flyer Kit - Little Gem
  • Majacraft Plying Flyer
  • Majacraft Standard Plastic Bobbin
  • Majacraft Wooden Bobbin

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About Majacraft

Majacraft is a small, family owned company based near Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand. It has been operated by the Poad family for more than 20 years.

Majacraft's eye-catching equipment is recognizable by its quality, style, and features that set it apart from other brands, including stunning New Zealand Rimu wood, innovative designs such as the double treadle system which ensures smooth and effortless pedaling, and their lightweight hand balanced flyers.