Interchangeable Needle Set 3.5 Inch - K-LYKKE-IN-35IC-SET

Lykke Indigo 3.5" Interchangeable Circular Needle Set | With Carrying Case

  • Knitting Needle Set
  • Lykke Crafts
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The Lykke Indigo 3.5" Interchangeable Circular Needle Set is a knitters dream to to work with. These needles have a silky smooth finish and are made of lightweight, durable Birch wood.

Offered in a lovely Azure Fabric carrying case to easily store or take your projects on any adverture.

Included in this set are:

  • US Sizes 3-10.5 (3.25-6.5mm)
  • Cords to create 2x 16” (40cm), 1x 20” (50cm), and 1x 24” (60cm) circular needles 
  • 2 connectors, 4 keys, and 8 stoppers
  • 1 carrying case with a velcro needle stand and pockets to store other notions

Named after the Norwegian word for happiness, Lykke combines high quality materials and thoughtful design to produce beautiful, durable, happy-making knitting needles. All LYKKE products are guaranteed for five years against manufacturer's defect.

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