Louet Junior Drum Carder | 46 and 72 TPIs-Drum Carder-Louet-46 TPI-Revolution Fibers
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Louet Junior Drum Carder | 46 and 72 TPIs

  • Drum Carder
  • Louet
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Features the same carding cloth and solid construction as the Standard drum carder, but is only 4″ wide. Perfect for small projects, producing a 4″ wide batt that can be spun from when you remove the batt from the carder. The batt that is created is the size of a commercial roving. A great introduction to the world of drum carding.



  • 46 tpi or 72 tpi
  • Doffer Brush
  • Doffer Pin
  • 2 Table Clamps
  • Drum Width: 4" (10cm)
  • Surface Speed Ratio: 9:1
  • Complete Instruction Manual by Deb Menz
  • Fully Assembled

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