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Louet Blending Board | 72 TPI

by Louet
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Blending boards are often described as magical tools within the fiber arts industry. This is because they allow you to easily blend a variety of fibers into rolags, create batts, and experiment with fiber prep using your own unique style.

The Louet blending board has an beautiful birch plywood base with a 12 x 12 in (30cm x 30cm) cloth work surface, 72 TPI, and a 3/8" (11 mm) tooth depth. Card a wide selection of fibers and various colors with this mid-range 72 TPI board. The possibilities and combinations are truly endless. This durable board comes with an adjustable keel, rubber feet, a carry handle on top, two dowel rods, and a soft bristle brush.

Felters will love this tool as well! Due to the size, it provides a big canvas to make batts for use as a felting base or to make pre-felts. While the board will not replace hand carders, it is a great addition to any fiber artist's collection and allows for even more creative flexibility!

About the Keel: The adjustable keel has 3 locking positions, with an easy-to-use bolt with a finger-friendly loop on the top. No tools are needed to loosen the bolt and allow the keel to move, and the keel can rotate so the board can be set at any angle.



  • 12" x 12' Carding Area
  • 72 TPI Cloth
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Rotating Keep with 3 Locking Positions
  • Laminated Birch Construction
  • Blending Brush Included
  • 3 Wooden Dowels Included

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