Kromski Symphony Jumbo Flyer Set-Flyers-Kromski-Finished-Revolution Fibers
Kromski Symphony Jumbo Flyer Set-Flyers-Kromski-Mahogany-Revolution Fibers
Kromski Symphony Jumbo Flyer Set-Flyers-Kromski-Unfinished-Revolution Fibers
Kromski Symphony Jumbo Flyer Set-Flyers-Kromski-Walnut-Revolution Fibers

Kromski Symphony Jumbo Flyer Set

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  • Kromski
 - $157.00

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Extend the capabilities of your Kromski wheel by adding a Jumbo Flyer Kit. You can quickly swap out your regular flyer for the jumbo unit (and back again). Here are the benefits: flyer with very large orifice (0.70 inch) opening for heavy spinning and plying; much larger jumbo bobbin - holds 50 cubic inches of yarn; lower ratio ranges - 2 speeds - to give you excellent speed choices without changing flyer.

Jumbo Flyer
1 Jumbo Bobbin
Slower Whorl (5.1:1 and 7.2:1)
Front Maiden with a Jumbo Leather Orifice Bearing.

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