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Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel

by Kromski
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Inspired by a wheel style that is richly rooted in the beginnings of spinning wheel history, the Polonaise is masterfully designed and engineered with longevity in mind.

Boasting a magnificent yet graceful 24” drive wheel that is suspended by pin and socket bearings, the Kromski Polonaise easily spins with virtually effortless treadling. This feature, along with an expansive range of speed/ratio options to choose from, gives spinners of all experience levels more flexibility than ever before offered in a wheel this large.

Delivery time

Kromski spinning wheels, looms & fiber preparation tools typically ship in 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted.

The wooden wheel-adjusting and tension-adjusting screws permit individual spinners to precisely calibrate the wheel angle and flyer alignment of the Kromski Polonaise.

Exceptional details and craftsmanship make the Polonaise one of the most desired wheels produced by Kromski. With all of the elegant features and dependable performance that the Polonaise delivers, it is sure to become a treasured heirloom and conversation piece for years to come.

This enticingly beautiful wheel, a traditional Norwegian style design, captures the fashion and refinement of wheels historically found in the Baltic areas of Poland and the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

Kromski Polonaise Spinning Options

Optional Jumbo Flyer Kit:

The Polonaise Jumbo Flyer Sets expand the spinners range in two ways. 

First, the type of yarn created can vary from lace-weight to super bulky art yarn because of the larger orifice on the jumbo flyer.  Subsequently, the jumbo bobbin allows spinners twice the capacity of the regular Kromski bobbin.  The standard "regular" Kromski bobbin already offers 50% greater space than most standard bobbins in the industry with a generous 4.2 ounce capacity. 

Jumbo bobbins double that! Essentially allowing you to spin two regular bobbins worth without a bobbin change!  This means longer, continual drafts for skeins with greater yardage.

  • Specifications:
  • Included with your Polonaise Wheel:

    • Beautiful European Alder and Birch wood
    • Wheel Diameter : 60 (24 inches)
    • Orifice Circumference : 10mm (3/8 in.)
    • Standard Whorl Ratios: 8, 12, 16 and 20:1
    • Additional jumbo whorl with 5.5 and 25:1
    • Durable leather bearing on front and rear maidens
    • Sturdy metal pin and socket bearings at wheel hub
    • Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins
    • Single Drive with Scotch Tension
    • Double Drive
    • Single Treadle
    • Total Wheel weight : 7.3kg (16 lbs)

    Included with your Polonaise Wheel :

    • Separate Vertical Lazy Kate (3 bobbin capacity)
    • 3 bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity)
    • Threading Hook
    • Spinning Wheel Oil

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About Kromski & Sons

Leon Kromski began a wood turning business in 1918 and operated it until 1939 when the impact of WWII and Communism made it impossible to continue. Today the family business is continued by Leon’s sons: Wojciech & Daniel Kromski. Their principal products are spinning wheels – now numbering 7 very distinct and well engineered models, and in 2001, Kromski developed and launched the very popular rigid heddle loom, the Kromski Harp, followed shortly by the Presto. Kromski also manufactures accessories for spinning and weaving, such as spinning stools, niddy noddies, and shuttles.