Jagger Spun Wool-Bamboo Heathers _ 5_8 Worsted Weight _ 1_2 lb Cone
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Carbon
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Hazalnut
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Merlot
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Midnight
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Nutmeg
Jagger Spun Wool Bamboo 5/8 Heathers Steel

Jagger Spun Wool-Bamboo Heathers | 5/8 Worsted Weight | 1/2 lb Cone

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Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our Jagger Spun Wool-Bamboo Heathers. This 5/8 worsted weight yarn combines 55% Superwash Wool and 45% Bamboo, creating a yarn ideal for weavers, knitters, and crocheters. Its 1/2 lb cone format provides ample yardage for a variety of projects.

A Sophisticated Twist on a Classic

Drawing inspiration from the original Heathers Fingering Weight line, known for its top-dyed worsted spun 100% European wool, the Wool-Bamboo Heathers introduces a novel blend. While maintaining the heather effect – achieved by blending different shades for each unique color – this yarn introduces bamboo into the mix. The result? A yarn that not only lofts and softens after washing but also provides an unmatched drape and sheen thanks to the bamboo fibers.

User-Friendly and Versatile

With easy care instructions and a generous yardage, this yarn is suitable for a wide range of projects. Its unique blend ensures durability and beauty in every piece.

Yarn Specifications

Characteristic Detail
Material 55% Superwash Wool, 45% Bamboo
Put-up 5/8 Worsted - Cone
Care Instructions Hand wash, cool water, lay flat to dry
Quantity 1/2 LB cone (approx. 448 yards)
Suggested Gauge 4 - 5.5 sts per inch
Recommended Needle Size US 5 - 7
Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Approx. 9-11

Embrace the artistry of fiber crafts with Revolution Fibers. Elevate your projects with the unique charm and quality of our Wool-Bamboo Heathers. Start your creative journey today and weave, knit, or crochet your way to exquisite creations!

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