Glimakra Emilia Folding Rigid Heddle Loom
Glimakra Emilia Folding Rigid Heddle Loom

Glimakra Emilia Folding Rigid Heddle Loom

  • Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Glimakra
 - $365.00

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Embark on a Journey of Creativity and Craftsmanship

Imagine weaving intricate patterns, colorful tapestries, or even your very own rug. Whether you're a novice looking to dive into the art of weaving or a seasoned expert aiming for masterpiece-level creations, the Glimakra Rigid Heddle Loom is a perfect companion. Handcrafted with love from strong birch wood and metal ratchets that hold a tight even tension for sheds, this isn't just a loom — it's an heirloom.

Features & Functionality:

  • Multiple Weaving Widths: The Glimakra Emilia is available in weaving widths of 13.5 and 19 inches, accommodating projects both small and larger.
  • Innovative Tension Mechanism: This loom is equipped with a state-of-the-art metal ratchets for consistent, durable tension across all your weaving projects.
  • Portability Perfected: The Emilia's lightweight and folding capabilities make it perfectly portable and/or storable - even in the middle of a projec!  Its compact design ensures you can weave wherever inspiration strikes.
  • Additional Heddle / Kit Available: The Emilia is Glimakra's only rigid heddle loom with the option of adding a second heddle bracket. A double heddle kit and extra dent heddles are also available, making this loom fully capable of weaving patterns otherwise reserved for floor looms!

What's Included:

  • 10 Dent Rigid Heddle
  • Shuttle
  • Sley Hook
  • Warping peg and two table clamps
  • Solid birch construction
  • Complete setup instructions

Optional Accessories:

Design & Durability:

  • Weaving Width Sizes: 13.5" and 19"
  • Quality: Crafted from finished Swiss Birch
  • Peace of Mind: Comes with a 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Hand-crafted with detailed turnings and accents

Technical Details:

Model Weaving Width Actual Loom Width Actual Loom Depth
13.5" 13.5" 17" 25"
19" 19" 22" 25"

Weave in Comfort and Take It Anywhere:

Why choose between comfort and portability when you can have both?  The Emilia optional adjustable stand offers an ergonomic angle for hours of pain-free weaving.  And thanks to its foldable design and robust latches, students and travelers can easily transport or store your loom without disrupting your work.

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