Beka Yarn Swift
Beka Yarn Swift
Beka Yarn Swift

Beka Yarn Swift

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Most yarn swifts are imported, so we're extra proud to offer Beka’s maple yarn swift, made right here in the USA!!

This Natural Hard Maple Yarn Swift features durable metal bearings (also made in the USA), for a consistently smooth winding process. You'll be amazed at the range of skein sizes (28" to 72" skeins) and yarn types (thin to bulky) this swift easily accommodates, while sitting conveniently on any table top.

Ideal for winding twist skeins into balls by hand or with hand-cranked mechanical winders; we suggest electric winders be used only at low speed levels.  Our straightforward design is very easy to assemble and use.  No clamps are needed to hold this swift in place, so scratched tables become a thing of the past. Easy assembly is completed in just a few minutes; no tools needed.  Overall dimensions: ~19-5/8" High  X  28” wide at the bottom base.

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