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Beka Grizzly Adjustable Tapestry Loom

by Beka
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The Grizzly is Beka’s Extra Large Adjustable Tapestry Loom. With maximum measurements of 60" wide by 36" long it is designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight (for it's size) and very flexible.

Made out of Hard Maple from the heart of the USA. This hand-crafted, high quality vertical loom is great for tapestries or wall hangings; easy to use sitting or standing. Enjoy weaving a wide range of projects using this gigantic tapestry frame loom on a table (only the bottom half is needed), or standing upright on the floor at almost any height.

Delivery time

Beka Wood Products are shipped in 1 - 3 business days. Transit time is typically 3 days.

You can weave numerous pieces at once or make one massive masterpiece; maximum weaving length is 36"! Adjustable at 3" increments making it possible to easily weave projects from 16" to 36" long.

Simple to assemble, each Tapestry Loom comes with a set of beams featuring strong plastic teeth (60" maximum weaving width - 5 teeth per inch = 300 teeth per beam piece), and all the tools needed to weave.

This loom Includes:

  • Two Beams with Teeth
  • One Support Beam
  • Four Upright Side pieces
  • Two Feet
  • Eight Beam Positioning Blocks
  • Two Pickup Sticks
  • Two Stick Shuttles
  • Easy Assembly Instructions with a 'How-to-Weave' link

All that is needed is the yarn you choose for your project! You can find warp yarn HERE and our entire selection of yarns HERE. Happy Crafting!

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    A Story of Craftsmanship

    A Story of Craftsmanship

    We're thrilled to present Beka Wood Products - a brand that embodies the beauty, sustainability, and timelessness of natural wood. Beka, renowned for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, has been creating unique and durable wooden products for over four decades. We invite you to explore Beka's range of products and experience the joy and satisfaction of owning a beautifully crafted piece of nature in your own home.

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