Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2
Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2
Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2
Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2
Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2
Beka Grizzly 36 Inch Tapestry Loom 2

Beka Grizzly Adjustable Tapestry Loom

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Discover the boundless creativity that comes with the Beka Grizzly Loom, an essential tool for all weaving enthusiasts.  This premium tapestry loom goes beyond the ordinary, offering an unparalleled weaving experience that sparks creativity and fuels your passion for fiber arts.

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The Grizzly, Beka's superior quality, hand-crafted vertical loom, is meticulously designed to be robust yet surprisingly lightweight for its generous dimensions.  This tapestry frame loom is so versatile that it can effortlessly accommodate an array of projects, from intricate tapestries and statement wall hangings to multi-piece creations or one grand masterpiece.

One of the Grizzly's defining features is its incredible adjustability.  You can customize your weaving length from 16" to a whopping 64" in 3" increments, making it an extraordinarily adaptable tool for all your weaving needs.  Whether you're working on a small experimental piece or a large-scale project, this loom allows you to weave with ease and precision, ensuring that no project is too big or too small.

The Beka Grizzly Loom is not only about size and flexibility; it's also about convenience.  It can be set up on a table or stood upright to suit your comfort.  Whether you prefer weaving while sitting with a warm cup of tea or standing as you lose yourself in your craft, this loom accommodates your style.

The Grizzly is an all-inclusive package; it comes complete with a set of beams featuring strong plastic teeth (180 teeth per beam piece for a maximum weaving width of 36"), a 21" stick shuttle, two 39" pickup sticks, and all the necessary tools you need to start weaving.  Also included are assembly instructions and a helpful 'How-to Weave' link to get you started on your weaving journey.

The construction of the Grizzly is as impressive as its functionality.  It is crafted with four hard maple side upright pieces and two hard maple beams, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The package also includes two sturdy feet and six positioning blocks for added stability.

This loom Includes:

  • Two Beams with Teeth
  • One Support Beam
  • Four Upright Side pieces
  • Two Feet
  • Eight Beam Positioning Blocks
  • Two Pickup Sticks
  • Two Stick Shuttles
  • Easy Assembly Instructions with a 'How-to-Weave' link

All that is needed is the yarn you choose for your project! You can find warp yarn HERE and our entire selection of yarns HERE. Happy Crafting!

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