4-1/2 Yard Warping Board
4-1/2 Yard Warping Board
4-1/2 Yard Warping Board

Beka 4.5 Yard Warping Board

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Hardwood Warping Board 4-1/2 yard capacity.  Made from natural hard maple, beech or a similar beautiful hardwood.  Comes with two pieces with 5 dowels and two pieces with 2 dowels.  The dowels/pegs stick out 5-3/8" from the wood base.  

Tthe only difference between the 9 yard warping board and the 4.5 yard warping board is the length of 2 sides, and the WB-9 has two sides with 2 dowels while the WB-4 has only one side with 2 dowels. 

You can find warp yarn HERE and our entire selection of yarns HERE. Happy Crafting!

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