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Offer ends 5/31/2024

Revolution Fibers, in partnership with Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill, is thrilled to present a special offer that combines tradition with innovation. With every spinning wheel purchase, you'll receive a complimentary "Let's Make Yarn" beginner's e-course. This course,ย normally $147, is a comprehensive guide designed to take your yarn spinning to the next level, suitable for novices and seasoned spinners alike.

Learn To Spin with Kim Biegler

Who Is This Course For?

This course is a perfect match for:

  • Beginners exploring the art of yarn spinning.
  • Experienced crafters seeking to refine their technique.
  • Fiber enthusiasts aspiring to produce their own custom yarns.


Upon completing this course, participants will gain the ability to:

  • Expertly navigate their spinning wheel.
  • Choose fibers that enhance their spinning experience.
  • Create exquisite single-ply and multi-ply yarns.
  • Professionally finish their yarn for various projects.

Course Overview:

"Let's Make Yarn" is an extensive e-course that offers over 2 hours of pre-recorded, detailed instructions, accessible for life. You'll dive into:

  • Spinning wheel basics.
  • Fiber selection and preparation.
  • Techniques for starting, spinning, and finishing your yarn.
  • An invitation to live Zoom Q&A sessions with Instructor Kim Biegler


Structured into four engaging modules, the course covers everything from setting up your spinning wheel to advanced spinning techniques, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. In addition to the comprehensive course, you'll receive an invitation to live Zoom Q&A sessions with Kim! This is a perfect opportunity for clarification or to walk through topics covered in the course!

Meet your instructor Kim Biegler

Meet Your Instructor: Kim Biegler

Kim's transformation from a beginner to a master spinner is what makes her an exceptional guide. Her deep understanding of fiber arts and commitment to sharing her knowledge ensures a learning experience filled with insight, skill, and fun.

Hear From Her Students:

"Kim's guidance revolutionized my spinning technique. She's an incredible mentor." - Sarah H.

"Thanks to this course, I now spin with confidence and joy." - Alex D.

By choosing this offer, you're not just buying a spinning wheel; you're embarking on a journey to create your own yarn, guided by an expert, with the quality assurance of Revolution Fibers.

Don't let this opportunity spin away. Purchase your spinning wheel and secure your free course today!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Purchase any Spinning Wheel & Get theย "Let's Make Yarn" E-Courseย FREE with Coupon Code: "Make Yarn"ย ๐Ÿคฉย 

About Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill

Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill is more than just a farm; it's a testament to the love for fiber arts shared by Kim & Mitch Biegler. Located in the serene Halsey, Oregon, Ewethful is a place where the fiber community comes together to celebrate and learn the age-old craft of spinning. Join us in this unique experience where every thread tells a story.

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