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Kromski Nostepinne

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A Nostepinne is an old-fashioned and handy ball winder with a rich history in Scandinavian culture.  This one, made by Kromski, has a nice balanced feel in the hand and makes a nice center-pull ball, without changing the twist in the yarn.  A convenient and portable travel companion for when you can't wait to cast on that new skein and a peaceful way to begin any project.  Many users find a Nostepinne easier to use with slippery yarns and superwash wools than modern ball winders. 

Commonly used slightly less peacefully in theatre reenactment scenes and stage plays.

Available unfinished or with a clear, mahogany or walnut finishes.

About the Nostepinne

The word “Nostepinne” originated from Scandinavia and in Norway, it is ”Nøstepinne” where the “ø” is pronounced like the “u” in the word “hurt”.  In Sweden, it is often called ”Nystepinne”.

In addition to their practical use for winding yarn into a tidy center pull ball, the simple Nostepinne was often ornately carved and given by boys to their romantic interest as a sign of their affection and a display of their woodcarving talents.  The more ornate the nostepinne, the better the craftsman the boy was.

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