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Beka Fold & Go Loom - 20 inch Rigid Heddle Loom

by Beka
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Beka’s new Fold & Go Loom (plus optional floor stand) offers both beginning and advanced rigid heddle weavers a great combination of features, combining flexibility and beauty in a single package!

Use the loom on a table, against a table (with included loom feet), or use it as a free-standing weaving system with its optional floor stand. Front and back beams maintain uniform sheds, while sturdy warp and fabric beams accommodate long warps (4 – 5 yard projects are a snap).

Designed to support multiple heddle techniques, the Beka Fold & Go Loom features shed blocks with notches that position one or more rigid heddles – up, down, and neutral positions are all made clear. Then there’s the ease of folding (with or without a project), which makes the Fold & Go Loom great for travel or for storing in small spaces! The warp beam & fabric beam both have short dowel rods through them that act as handles to make turning them easy (advancing the warp is a breeze)! Loosen the warp, fold the loom, snug up the warp – it’s as simple as that!

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Made in the USA with American Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil, the Fold & Go Loom continues Beka’s tradition of producing looms as beautiful as they are practical. Enjoy a loom designed and hand crafted by the folks who have maintained the gold standard for rigid heddle weaving since 1973.

This loom Includes:

  • 8 Dent Heddle
  • 2 Shuttles (12" and 21")
  • Pickup Stick (23")
  • A Threading Tool
  • Apron Rods
  • Tie-on Cords
  • Easy Assembly Instructions with a 'How-to-Weave' link

The Beka Fold & Go Loom Floor Stand can be found HERE.

All that is needed is the yarn you choose for your project! You can find warp yarn HERE and our entire selection of yarns HERE. Happy Crafting!

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