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Majacraft Hackles

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 Majacraft hackles are available in either single or double row options. Included is a wooden pin cover to protect you and the hackle when it is not in use. Also included are special Majacraft clamps. The clamp block is drilled at an angle and has a solid rubber top to ensure that the hackle is held firmly on your table and the rubber will prevent damage to the table. The clamps allow you to secure the hackle to a sturdy surface and carry out colour blending in conjunction with a diz.

Single Row Hackle
The single row hackle is more useful if you usually spin a coarser wool. It will help align the fibres for producing a worsted yarn and will remove most of the short fibres.

Double Row Hackle
The double row hackle is great for finer fibres. The pins are at different heights so initial combing can be done on the higher pins before carrying out fine combing with both rows of pins. As is often the case, the time spent in preparation is taken from the time spent in spinning later.

Delivery time

Majacraft Spinning Wheels & Tools are made-to-order in New Zealand. We'll ship your tools and accessories within 2-6 weeks. 8 weeks is the current timeline for spinning wheels. (updated March 2023)

Details & Specifications:

  • length, 470mm (18.5″)
  • width, 45mm (1.8″)
  • height, 35mm (1.4″)
  • comb width, 320mm (12.6″)

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    About Majacraft

    Majacraft is a small, family owned company based near Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand. It has been operated by the Poad family for more than 20 years.

    Majacraft's eye-catching equipment is recognizable by its quality, style, and features that set it apart from other brands, including stunning New Zealand Rimu wood, innovative designs such as the double treadle system which ensures smooth and effortless pedaling, and their lightweight hand balanced flyers.