Louet Standard Drum Carder | 46 and 72 TPIs-Drum Carder-Louet-46 TPI-Revolution Fibers

Louet Standard Drum Carder | 46 and 72 TPIs

  • Drum Carder
  • Louet
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The Classic Drumcarder used to be called the Standard Drumcarder and has crafter by Louet for over 20 years. The diameter of the drum is 10" and the width is 7". Compared to the new Standard Drumcarder the cloth has less and higher teeth (46 teeth/sq inch, 5/8" long) and the teeth were designed to intertwine. This makes the Classic Drumcarder more suitable for medium to long fibers. It is the perfect carder if your needs include carding lots of thick batts fast. It is great to card batts for layers for felt making and color blending can be done with success as well. The carder clamps to a table and comes already permanently adjusted for you.



  • 46 tpi or 72 tpi
  • Doffer Brush
  • Doffer Pin
  • 2 Table Clamps
  • Drum Width: 7.5" (19cm)
  • Surface Speed Ratio: 9:1
  • Complete Instruction Manual by Deb Menz
  • Fully Assembled

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