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Bambino Range Variety Pack | Tonal Blend of 85% Dyed Merino and 15% Dyed Bamboo, 21 Micron

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This Bambino Range Variety pack includes 25 grams of each of our 8 nursery rhymes inspired color combinations. Bambino Range Roving is sure to add some magic to your crafts!

Bambino's unique blend of 15% dyed bamboo and 85% (21 micron) dyed merino wool is soft, durable, and eco-friendly. This blended roving is a delight to spin, soft to the touch and lovely to work with. Due to it’s long staple length (3-5 in.), you'll find that spinning thinner weight yarns and threads comes easily with this strong bamboo blended wool. And due to their high wool content, our Bambino Blends are excellent for wet and needle felting projects; great for felting fine details!

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About Bambino Range Blended Wool

Whether you’re creating batts or rolags, you will absolutely love experiencing the coordinated twists are turns of color variations while working with this fiber. These colorful blends have all the temperature regulating properties that merino wool is renowned for, with strands of luminous bamboo fiber for luster and strength, making this roving perfect for spinning warm, airy clothing that is sure to last! This silky smooth blend is a dream come true to work with.

Simply put, the Bambino Range will have you spinning a fairy tale! 

Key Characteristics

  • Fiber Content: 85% Merino Wool 15% Bamboo
  • Staple Length: 3.5 – 5 inches
  • Micron Count: 19-21
  • Top/Roving Width: 1 inch
  • Length: ~30 ft. per 8 oz. (sold by weight)
  • Feltable: Yes (Needle & Wet Felting)
  • Dye Treatment: Commercially acid-dyed conforming to the Oeko-Tex 100 Quality System EN71.
  • Wool Processing: Combed & cleaned, we deliver this roving fiber combed, and prepped, dyed and ready to work with. No harsh animal smell or vegetable matter remains.
  • Care Instructions:Hand wash or dry clean. Wash in cool water using mild soap. Rinse in cool water. Do not twist or wring. Press to remove excess water. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry to avoid stretching your garment, do not hang, fold and store in a dry place.


  • NEEDLE & WET FELTING: Merino wool felts very easily. Making for a great core wool and the soft fibers are excellent for fine details and crafting.
  • SPINNING, KNITTING, WEAVING: Will find its way in many projects. This luxurious fiber is beautifully dyed and a dream to spin on a spinning wheel or drop spindle. Spin as is, or use a blending board to add in additional colors, whatever you decide, you will have beautiful rolags!
  • SOFT & DURABLE: With Staple Length: 3-6 inches (roughly 90 mm) and Micron Average: 19-21 | This merino and bamboo blend feels very soft and gentle to the touch and is ideal for knitting garments for direct skin contact.
  • 100% NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY: The wool is sourced ethically and 100% naturally. The sheep are non-mulesed flocks and handled with care. Commercially acid-dyed conforming to the Oeko-Tex 100 Quality System EN71.