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Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Baby Bobbin-Revolution Fibers
Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Jumbo Bobbin-Revolution Fibers
Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Lace Bobbin-Revolution Fibers
Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Overdrive Bobbin-Revolution Fibers
Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Standard Bobbin-Revolution Fibers
Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins-Bobbin-Majacraft-Stylus Bobbin-Revolution Fibers

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Bobbins

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Redesigned for 2020, these wooden bobbins offer an attractive design and innovative technology for the discerning spinners. The laser cut wood ends and fiberglass core make for a very distinctive bobbin.

See details about each bobbin type below!

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Baby Bobbin
The baby bobbins can be used as a plying bobbin for your lace kit or alternatively as a high-volume high-speed bobbin. In a similar fashion to the jumbo plying bobbin, you can fit two lace bobbins of yarn onto a single baby bobbin. The baby bobbins use the same size flyer as for the lace bobbins.

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Stylus Bobbin
The Stylus bobbins can be purchased individually to go with your Majacraft Stylus. Smaller and shorter than Majacraft's other bobbins, they will hold a huge amount of fiber compared to traditional quill type spinning. They will also fit on Majacraft Lazy Kates.

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Standard Bobbin
Standard Wood Bobbin.

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Lace Bobbin
To spin very fine lace-weight yarns like never before, you will want a Majacraft Lace Bobbin. The fiberglass cores make for very light bobbins enabling an extra sensitive brake adjustment. Requires the use of a Majacraft Lace Flyer.

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Jumbo Bobbin
New style laser cut wooden jumbo bobbin (requires Majacraft Plying Flyer or Majacraft Wild Flyer). This is the standard bobbin that comes with the Aura Spinning Wheel.

Majacraft Wood Cut Out Overdrive Bobbin
The Overdrive Bobbin is only compatible with the Majacraft Overdrive Head. Holds 5x more yarn than the Jumbo Bobbin.

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