Why Wool?

Why Wool?

If you're starting a new DIY project, or considering starting a one soon, then  you may be asking what the perfect material is, and we have the answer for you: Wool!

From spinning and knitting, to felting or weaving, to tapestry wall hangins and hand knit blankets wool is the perfect core material.

Wool is composed of Keratin, which is a biodegradable, natural protein similar to human hair, but found in sheep! Just as humans periodically need hair cuts, a sheep's wool coat periodically must be sheered to keep them healthy. This sheered coat is cleaned and processed into wool roving. Making wool roving a 100% natural and eco-friendly sustainable fiber source for all your porject needs!

if you're interested in spinning and knitting we highly recommend our meirno wool roving for next to skin projects. Merino sheep breeds are famous for their fine wool fibers and light airy feel making them luxuriously soft and perfect for next to skin clothing. Their wool quality is due to the extreme weather conditions (hot summers & cold winters) that the merino sheep reside in. The wool naturally adapts to these contrasts helping to keep these sheep (and you) comfortable.

In cold weather the wool is warm but breathable, and during hot weather the wools absorbs moisture without collecting odors. Because it is comfortable, resistant and simple to care for, merino wool is the perferred wool for luxury fashionwear as well as highend sportswear. 

If you're interested in weaving, felting wall hangings, and spinning wool for projects that aren't necessarily next to skin, then we highly recommend our Corriedale Wool Roving. Corriedale is a merino half breed that keeps many of the Merino wool characteristcis but is slightly more coarse and durable. These characteritics make it more "grippy" and won't slip or slide while weaving and spinning.

Cheviot breed is the coarses of the 3 breeds, but also the most durable and springy due to its strong natural crimp. We recommend this breed for household items, arm knit pet beds, rugs, and outerwear as well as wall hangings and woven taprestries.

Regardless of which natural wool breed you choose for your project you can take comfort in knowing that wool is the unique natural fiber to have all of these positive features listed below:

100% Natural & Sustainable

  • Renewable: Just like humans need a haircut, shee product new wool fleece every year that needs to be sheered for their health
  • Biodegradable: When it is time to dispose of your projet wool naturally decomposes in soil over time, releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth, acting like a natural fertilizer.

Animal Friendly

  • Eco & Animal-friendly. Sheep are not harmed in the harvesting of wool. to the contrary, giving sheep a "haircut" aids their health
  • Wool cannot be reproduced synthetically while keeping all properties intact, so it's truly a unique natural material

Ideal For Comfort

  • Wool is 100% natural and very breathable
  • Wool Absorbs 30% of it's weight compared to cotton's 15%, making it the ideal material for wickin moisture away from skin
  • Wool has a higher thermal & acoustic raiting over other materials, making it better at insulating
  • Reduces humidiuty levels & condensation
  • Wool regulates body temperature and wicks away moisture keeping you more comfortable 

Wool Pomotes Health

  • Wool has been scientifically proven to promote healing & release stress
  • It provides cushioning and reduces pressure
  • Reduces paind & swelling 
  • Promotes higher levels of relaxation leading to more restorative sleep


  • Wool is "springier" than synthetics and cotton, meaning it returns to its original shape and handles wear and everyday use better
  • It's resilient & resistance to tearing
  • Naturally stain resistant
  • Requires less cleaning that cotton & synthetics
  • Wool attracts less dirt and dust because it has natural anti-static properties 
  • Wool is hypoallergenic because it's naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Wool is flame resistant as it is less combustible than cotton or synthetic materials
  • Naturally fire retardant, meaning if an energy source (think lighter flame) is removed from wool it will naturally stop burning. This is what makes wool the fiber of choice for airline industries and casinos alike
  • Wool products typically can last for 15 - 20 years and outperform all other bedding fabrics

We hope this brief overview has been value-added, and don't forget to checkout our natural wool offerings for all your project needs here!




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