Becca Wilkinson: Weaving Tales of Creativity and Passion

Becca Wilkinson: Weaving Tales of Creativity and Passion

Welcome to another edition of Revolution Fibers' "Featured Artist" series.  Today, we take you on a captivating journey with Becca Wilkinson, the brilliant mind behind "Cul-de-sac Cool".  In a world where art meets life, Becca's story is a testament to the transformative power of creativity.

A Kaleidoscope of Talents

From the bustling corridors of high school, where she led the fashion merchandising club, to the theatrical stages of college, Becca has always danced to the rhythm of her creative heart.  Her blog, "Cul-de-sac Cool", is a delightful window into her world, brimming with DIY crafts, heartwarming tales of motherhood, and enchanting children's stories illuminated by her mother's illustrations.

Finding Solace in the Threads

When the world paused during the pandemic, Becca discovered a new rhythm: the soothing, meditative art of weaving.  Inspired by several talented fiber artists on Instagram — including Monica at Mocha Blue Fiber Art, Jen Duffin at Nova Mercury, Lauren Mooney @ The Eddy Line Co, and Aja Smart @ Strand Texture — her heartstrings resonated with the intricate patterns and textures of woven art.  Their creativity and passion coupled with the inspiration Becca draws from nature; particularly sunsets, mountains, trees and flowers, kindled her own flame and forged her unique style of fiber art. Her continued expansion of her craft led her to Revolution Fibers, a haven for artists in search of the finest weaving supplies.

Masterpieces in Wool: A Closer Look

With Revolution Fibers by her side, Becca has crafted several mesmerizing pieces, each telling its own tale:

"Daphne's Garden"

"Daphne's Garden" by Becca Wilkinson

Dive into a serene space where gentle pastel shades meld with rich greens, evoking the calm of a garden greeting the morning. The textured intricacy, brought to life with wool roving, uses Revolution Fibers' Cascade Range Variety Pack, that infuses her work with a tranquil spectrum of colors.

"Rainbow Cloud"

"Rainbow Cloud" Wall Hanging by Becca Wilkinson

A visual symphony of colors, "Rainbow Cloud" evokes feelings of hope and new beginnings with its cascading colors reminiscent of a radiant rainbow after a storm, all enriched with Revolution Fibers' Undyed Merino Wool Roving.


"Sage" Wall Hanging by Becca Wilkinson

A meditative journey with layers of calming hues that evoke feelings of peace and reflection.  The lush, rich texture, achieved using wool roving, enhances its contemplative aura.


"Underwater" Wall Hanging by Becca Wilkinson

Delve deep into the ocean's mysteries with a gradient of blues simulating the ocean's vastness.  The tactile quality adds dimension, reminiscent of the enchanting dance of aquatic flora with the currents.

"Sunflower Fields"

"Sunflower Fields" Wall Hanging by Becca Wilkinson
This enchanting piece draws the observer into a whimsical landscape reminiscent of dreamy sunflower fields. Becca has masterfully employed an array of warm, earthy tones to capture the essence of golden sunflowers swaying with the breeze. The abstract nature of the piece adds depth and intrigue, with textured patterns giving a tactile dimension. 

Join Becca's Journey

Art, for Becca, is more than just a hobby—it's a way of life, a form of expression, and a journey of self-discovery.   Dive into her world at her blog "Cul-de-sac Cool" and witness her evolution as an artist.   

You can connect with Becca on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest and become a part of her vibrant community.   

Or, treat yourself and purchase one of her amazing wall hangings on her Etsy Store!

A Message from the Heart

"Embrace your art, cherish every moment, and let your passion guide your hands."

At Revolution Fibers, we celebrate the spirit and dedication of artists like Becca, who inspire us with their passion and creativity.  Stay tuned for more stories that celebrate the intertwining worlds of art and life.

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