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Green Machine Variety Pack | Zen Blend Collection-Wool Roving-Revolution Fibers-Revolution Fibers

Green Machine Variety Pack | Zen Blend Collection

  • Wool Roving
  • Revolution Fibers
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You’ve stumbled upon the most Zen Blends of luxurious fibers on the market! Our blends are beautifully designed with the crafter always at the forefront of our thought process.

You will absolutely love playing with these wondrous fiber blends. Fibers within each colorway are a combination of these blends listed below..


Green Machine Fiber Variety Pack Includes:

Revolution Fibers - Green Machine Fiber Variety Bundle - "Riddle"
"Riddle" | Tweed Blend 33.33% | Merino Wool 33.33% | Bamboo Fiber 33.33%

This blend mixes super soft merino with the strength and sheen of bamboo and a touch of tweed for titillating texture.


Revolution Fibers - Green Machine Fiber Variety Bundle - "Heritage"
"Heritage" | 80% Wool | 20% Viscose Fiber

Ready to play? This wonderful blend of wool and viscose fiber produces a tweed effect that's brilliant for any project. This blend has a natural white wool base with color viscose so you can create your very own contrasting or subtle tweed creations.


Revolution Fibers - Green Machine Fiber Variety Bundle - "Glitzy Mallard"
"Glitzy Mallard" | 70% Merino Wool | 30% Nylon

A sparkly blend of dyed merino wool and rainbow nylon to create a blend with a bit of glamour. These exciting blends create a unique finish for any project!


Revolution Fibers - Green Machine Fiber Variety Bundle - "Virgo"
"Virgo" | 70% Merino Wool | 30% Tussah Silk

A stunning blend of dyed merino and bleached tussah silk creating a rainbow blend with a silky sheen. Perfect for hand felting, hand spinning and many other craft uses.


Revolution Fibers - Green Machine Fiber Variety Bundle - "Harmony"
"Harmony" | 100% Merino Wool

A colourful blend of dyed merino tops producing the aura of the Northern Lights. Created by blending together dyed merino tops.

Zen Blend Fiber Variety Pack Details

  • Fiber Content: 6 Vibrant blends of fibers
  • Staple Length: 3-4 inches
  • Micron Count: 20-23
  • Top/Roving Width: 1 inch
  • Unit Weight: 150 grams
  • Feltable: Yes (Needle & Wet Felting)
  • Dye Treatment: Commercially acid-dyed conforming to the Oeko-Tex 100 Quality System EN71.
  • Wool Processing: Combed & cleaned, we deliver this roving fiber combed, and prepped, dyed and ready to work with. No harsh animal smell or vegetable matter remains.
  • Care Instructions:Hand wash or dry clean. Wash in cool water using mild soap. Rinse in cool water. Do not twist or wring. Press to remove excess water. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry to avoid stretching your garment, do not hang, fold and store in a dry place.

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